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Food grade high temperature and pressure silicone hose Shandong customer orderin

Time:2017-11-30 Click:

Dongguan Greite Silicone Products Co., Ltd. 2017-08-21, Our pharmaceutical grade hose was purchased from a large pharmaceutical factory in Shandong Province. Specific pharmaceutical-grade hose procurement model for the FP30 series, are specifically the use and structure of this model FP30 as follows:

It is especially recommended for transporting or transporting liquid or semi-liquid fluids for high and low temperature food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and for bioengineering applications. It has a very wide range of applications.
(Such as sucking food dairy products; food machinery and equipment connection pipe; wine with the connection catheter; oil equipment suction connection pipe, medical equipment connecting pipelines, catheters, etc.)
product structure: 
Braiding: Three-layer cloth mesh weaving
Steel wire: The use of single 304 stainless steel wire, spacing 5MM
Product Features: 
- Operating temperature range '-60ºC / + 180ºC (-76ºF / + 356ºF) Up to 220ºC (392ºF)
- Has excellent flexibility, smooth and clean the inner wall, easy to clean non-stick water, clean with no residue after cleaning, high temperature and pressure steam sterilization and sterilization.
- Odorless, tasteless, completely non-toxic, free of plasticizer and additive ingredients. Full compliance with FDA and Biomedical USP requirements.
- Products after high temperature 180 ° C * 4 hours of high temperature curing, regardless of any decomposition products generated, the negative pressure is strong, the specific reference data sheet.
Supporting connector:
TC connector (through the quick connector 316L), SMS connector, DIN quick access, CLAMP, CLOCK, J-threaded connector, and other materials for the 304 or 316L any customer choice.
Quality certification: 
- Platinum Silicone Hoses are FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 (Food and Drug Administration) food grade certified.
- Platinum silicone hose through the German FDA / BfR parts XV standard certification and LFBG and BGVV standard certification.
- Platinum Silicone Hose complies with US Medical Class VI certification.
- Platinum silicone tubing is RoHS approved according to EU Directive 2008/95 / ECC.
Food Grade Silicone Hoses

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