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Pharmaceutical grade silicone hose high temperature

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Pharmaceutical grade silicone hose high temperature

Pharmaceutical silicone tube, biopharmaceutical silicone tube for high transparency, can withstand up to 250 ℃ high temperature, heating in a sealed environment does not reduce the heating, the inner tube made of high purity platinum vulcanized silica gel material; with fiber braid enhanced , Anti-cracking, kink-resistant; durable, single 304 stainless steel wire. Translucency allows visual monitoring of medium flow; two types are available: smooth outer walls or pleated outer walls for higher elasticity; sterilizable by CIP, SIP or radiation or autoclaved; resistance to extreme temperatures, compression, chemicals, Ozone, radiation, moisture and environmental exposure; the solution medium does not decompose any smell and taste, the inner and outer walls are completely smooth, making the material flow in the food-grade hose full flow smoothly, but also make the silicone hose cleaning more simple and effective, is The ideal tubing for the pharmaceutical industry is widely used in the fields of demanding biological products, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, food and beverages, alcoholic beverages, water treatment, research institutes, laboratories and medical devices, packaging machinery, and clinical medicine , Is the ideal alternative to import similar silicone hose.

Pharmaceutical silicone tube, biopharmaceutical silicone hose

Pharmaceutical silicone tube, biopharmaceutical silicone tube with high quality silicone (new imported food grade silicone raw material), the scientific formula, advanced technology processing, with soft, high temperature stability and other characteristics, in line with EU environmental requirements, with excellent Electrical insulation, corona resistance, arc resistance, high breathability, smooth inner wall, good physical inertia and physiological stability are especially recommended for the transport or transport of liquids in the food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries Or semi-liquid fluid. This design ensures the balance between strength and weight, making it easy to handle, thus providing a very wide range of applications. These silicone hoses are designed for resistance to stress or vacuum, so they can be used to transport high-temperature or suck liquids, liquid or semi-liquid fluids in high and low temperature food, cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. (Such as food-grade food-grade hose control; food machinery with the connection pipe; wine connecting catheter; drinking fountains, coffee pots, water heaters, rice cookers and other connecting pipe, catheter; electrical equipment casing; Medical equipment, connecting pipelines, catheters, etc.).

Food grade silicone hose

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