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Composite hoses are what kind of characteristics?

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 Composite hose

Composite hose is a special type of packaging container, occupies an important position in the field of packaging. The so-called composite hose, is "made of flexible materials, cylindrical packaging containers, welded by the formation of a barrel after folding and one end with a nozzle, squeezed, the contents of the nozzle extrusion," This is our country Packaging Standard Definition of "General Terms for Packaging".
Hose body consists of multi-layer functional polymer film and synthetic fiber reinforced layer structure, both inside and outside the spiral metal wire winding firm.
The general structure is as follows.
Internal spiral steel wire: usually stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum alloy, polypropylene or TEFLON coated steel wire;
External spiral wire: basically choose stainless steel or galvanized steel;
Lining: Select functional films such as Teflon Polietilene Nylon PET based on the properties of the material being conveyed, with a proprietary liquid-tight seal
Reinforcement and Anti-Aging Outer: Reinforcement provides pressure-bearing strength to the hose. Hose outer wear resistant anti-aging color outer layer.
With the rapid development of composite hoses in the commercial field, the types of composite hoses manufactured by manufacturers are numerous. The conclusions are broadly divided into seven categories:
1. Multi-purpose oil-resistant composite hose, which is widely used in the delivery of fuel oil liquid gas, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, crude oil and other hydrocarbon products.
2. Multi-purpose chemical delivery hose, which is widely used in transporting corrosive chemical liquid gas products, excellent chemical resistance.
3. Car hose, which is designed for tank car use, soft and light, suitable for frequent bending movement, long life design, the international tank car hose.
4. Wharf loading and unloading hose, which is dedicated to the dock steamer, reinforced structure, heavy duty, excellent chemical resistance, frequent flexing will not crack.
5. Paint coating delivery hose, which is dedicated to paint products, solvent resistance, wear resistance and excellent oxidation resistance.
6. Low-temperature hose, it is used in low-temperature environment or transport low-temperature products, such as ethylene, LPG, LNG, propane, dry ice and so on.
7 high temperature hose, which is used to transport high temperature products place, hot water, hot oil and so on.
Application areas
Composite hoses are widely used in the packaging of toothpaste, jam, pigment, shoe polish, foodstuffs, adhesives, milk, jam, flavoring paste, cosmetics, adhesives, shoe polish, pigments and hair dyes.
Composite hose

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