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What does IAPMO mean? Silicone hose can reach IAMPO it?

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IAPMO is a non-profit organization. IAPMO has been engaged in the development of norms and standards for the safe use of the building water supply and drainage industry and the building ventilation system and has been testing and certifying the products concerned. The United States IAPMO R & T is the United States specializing in product certification authority. Its main service areas are engineering and construction of plumbing, food-grade hoses, sanitary hoses, indoor ventilation equipment, kitchen equipment, bathroom and sanitary ware and other products.

1, read the application form completely and completely, fill in the blank column on the application form. The original will be returned after signing
2, fill in the initial assessment of the factory survey. Sanitary hose
3, read the attached product registration agreement. After the signature will return two original.
Step 4 Calculate the appropriate fee (attached), submit an application form, product registration agreement and fee to IAPMO and the relevant information and information presented in steps 5-14 below.
Step 5 Refer to the attachment "G" (attached) and select the appropriate IAPMO certification mark. According to the terms of the product registration agreement, the mark will be applied to the registered product.
Step 6 provides seven detailed, dimensioned product drawings (such as blueprints) and include the location, type, and product added requirements for the IAPMO certification mark on the product, such as etch, glass coverage , Label or use bulge words and so on. Shower and shower tray drawings, the size of the ratio required: 1 "= 1'0".
Step 7 provides 7 copies of the product test report, indicating that the performance of the product conforms to the corresponding product performance standards. The test report shall be submitted by a laboratory accredited by IAPMO. IAPMO approved laboratory list can be obtained upon request. For new product registration applications, the date of the test report must be within one year and must be presented in the format requested.
Step 8 Submit one or more samples to IAPMO's Research Council free of charge and prepay the shipping costs. The exact number of samples is determined by the IAPMO technician. The sample is initially marked with the original product type plus the IAPMO certificate of conformity selected in Step 5 above. IAPMO is not responsible for the loss or destruction of any material submitted. IAPMO may process any sample on its own unless the applicant files a request for the return of the sample within two weeks of the issue of the registration notice.
Step 9 Propose a description of the product within 50 words, after editing and review into the research recommended directory.
Step 10 Each submitted product should be submitted with a normal size (about 3.5 "* 5") of the color photos, each photo should be marked as much as possible to identify features and be displayed.
Step 11 Submit the original text of the 7 documents (or brochures) that show and describe the product.
Step 12 Provide the address, telephone number, contact person's name, and other information for each warehouse of the factory that manufactures and will manufacture the registered product, as required under Article 17 of the Product Registration Agreement. Only the final assembly site need to provide the above information, and manufacturing parts are not required.
Step 13 If the product is imported or about to be imported, the name, street address, telephone number, and contact name of the importer and the underwriter should be provided. This information needs to be provided in addition to the information requested in step 12.
Step 14 The Research Council will determine the registration of the product based on the applicant's appropriate product samples provided to IAPMO prior to product registration. The sample of the product shall be accompanied by the appropriate markings finally determined. If a product sample can not be archived, a photo of the product sample with the tag must be provided with the product's label.
The research committee meets on the second Tuesday of each month. Therefore, all the above documents, as well as the related information and information, should be received by the third day of the month for consideration at the meeting of that month. If you wish to attend the Committee, you must file a written request when submitting your application. Overdue applications received will be subject to a percentage of the total application fee.

      Polyester or polyamide braided wire inside low-volatile pharmaceutical grade hose increases pressure resistance, temperature range: -60 ° C to 180 ° C, steam for 135 ° C, hot air sterilization at 180 ° C for less than 30 minutes Safety Factor ≥ 3 times. The working pressure standard for sanitary grade steel hoses follows the FDA and the European Pharmacopoeia (IV Ed P319). 

Food grade hose

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