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What does food-grade FDA CFR 177.2600 mean?

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 FDA food certification

FDA's regulatory agency for food, agricultural and seafood products is the Food Safety and Nutrition Center (CFASAN), whose role is to ensure that food for the American population is safe, clean, fresh and clearly labeled.
The center supervises food imports 240 billion US dollars each year, of which 15 billion belongs to imported food. The main monitoring focuses of the center include:
1, food freshness
2, food additives;
3, other harmful ingredients of food biological toxins;
4, seafood safety analysis;
5, food labeling
6, after the listing of food tracking and warning
According to the anti-terrorism laws passed by the U.S. Congress in 2003, food companies outside the United States must register with the FDA in advance of their exports to the United States and notify the FDA when exporting them.
According to the "United States Public Law 107-188" must be registered with the FDA of foreign food production and processing enterprises are as follows:
1, wine and alcoholic beverages;
2, food-grade hose through food-grade certification
3, bakery category;
4, drinks;
5, candy (including chewing gum);
6, cereal and instant cereal category;
7, cheese and cheese products;
8, chocolate and cocoa-like food;
9, coffee and tea products;
10, food coloring
11, weight loss regular food and medicinal food, meat substitutes;
12, supplementary food (that is, the domestic health food, vitamin medicines and herbal products);
13, condiments;
14, fish and seafood;
15, to food placed in direct contact with the food material and products;
16, food additives and safe food ingredients;
17, food on behalf of sugar;
18, fruit and fruit products;
19, edible plastic, lactase, pudding and stuffing;
20, ice cream and related foods;
21, imitation milk products;
22, macaroni and noodles;
23, meat, meat products and poultry products;
24, milk, butter and dry milk products;
25, meals and marinades, sauces and specialty products;
26, dried fruit and nuts;
27, shell eggs and egg products;
28, snacks (flour, meat and vegetables);
29, pepper, special flavor and salt;
30, soup
31, soft drinks and canned water;
32, vegetables and vegetable products;
33, vegetable oil (including olive oil);
34, vegetable protein products (square meat food);
35, whole wheat food and flour processed foods, starch, etc .;
36, mainly or entirely for human consumption of products;
FDA Hose

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