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Pharmaceutical Grade Hose, Quick Mount Silicone Hose, Cartridge Silicone Hose, S

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 Pharmaceutical Grade Hose, Quick Mount Silicone Hose, Cartridge Silicone Hose, Silicone Fluoro Silicone Hose

Pharmaceutical Grade Hose, Quick Mount Silicone Hose, Cartridge Silicone Hose, Silicone Lined Silicone Hose is made of Extruded Platinum Silicone Rubber Hose with stainless steel wire spiral and fiber braid reinforcement. The inner and outer walls are completely smooth, allowing the material to flow smoothly inside the hygienic hose and also make cleaning of the wire hose easier and more effective. It is the ideal tubing for the hygienic pharmaceutical industry and can also be used for food delivery in compliance with FDA standards . Withstand pressure, soft and light, with good resistance to hydrolysis and mold. Can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria, to ensure that customers provide the highest level of bio-adaptability of products, is based on tough braid can increase the work pressure, can help to maintain the delivery or processing of sensitive fluid integrity of the body, with good flexibility It is not only non-toxic, tasteless, halogen-free, but also meets the requirements of RoSH environmental directives. This series of food-grade silicone hose can be electrostatically discharged using a spiral steel wire grounding, Sanitary conditions demanding pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetics, food, dairy and beverage industries, suitable for liquid medicine, vaccines, pharmaceutical preparations and other industries.
Pharmaceutical-grade hose, quick-loading silicone hose, sleeve silicone hose, hose-lined silicone Specifications:
Size range: 8MM-102MM.
Inner layer: Food grade white silica gel, smooth mirror, odorless and tasteless.
Strengthen the layer: braid and spiral steel wire to strengthen.
Outer layer: white silicone, anti-wear, anti-oxidation and bad weather.
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