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Pharmaceutical-grade silicone tube weave silicone tube bubbles on the use of the

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Pharmaceutical-grade silicone tube weave silicone tube bubbles on the use of the product have any effect?
Bubble surface braid mutual bonding is not good, greatly reducing the product's working pressure and burst pressure. Simultaneously
The working pressure of pharmaceutical-grade silicone hose, braided silicone hose, textured silicone hose and food-grade hose rubber connector refers to the highest pressure of rubber connector at work. It includes air, compressed air, water, sea water and hot water , Oil, acid, alkali and other fluids in the pipeline, and the resulting pressure.
Working pressure of rubber joint, English Working Pressure, unit MPa (Kgf / cm2).
The common working pressure of rubber joints is 1.0MPa, 1.6MPa, these two kinds of pressure are the most, of course, the working pressure of rubber joints including but not limited to these two, because it also has 0.25MPa, 0.6MPa, 1.0MPa, 1.6 MPa, 2.5 MPa, 4.0 MPa, 6.4 MPa.
After two kinds of high pressure, the general factory can not produce high-pressure rubber joints, our company as a professional manufacturer of rubber joints, strong technical force and experienced, 30-year history of rubber joints, capable of producing all kinds of high-pressure rubber joints And other fittings.
Burst pressure of a rubber joint means that the rubber joint may explode, tear and damage under the pressure. Therefore, the pipe pressure is required and the burst pressure can not be exceeded.
How to choose the working pressure of rubber joints?
This should be based on the pressure of the pump and the pipeline to choose, we must correspond to the working pressure of the pipeline and equipment can not be installed with small pressure rubber joints in the pipeline of high pressure, so that will cause rubber joints and pipe equipment damage.
How to know the working pressure of rubber joints?
First of all, there will be a clear marking on the package, pressure marking on the body of the rubber joint, furthermore, the thickness of the flange can be seen. If the flange is thinner, the working pressure of the rubber joint will be smaller. On the contrary, Big. Also, you can consult my company, we will give you a professional answer. 

Pharmaceutical-grade silicone hose

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