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Food grade hose

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Wear-resistant food grade hose

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 Dongguan Greate Silicone Products Co., Ltd. Main: food-grade hose, food grade wine delivery hose, food grade silicone hose, PU steel wire slippery hose, PU steel corrugated hose, biopharmaceutical silicone hose, silicone woven Hoses, wear-resistant ventilation hose, high temperature ventilation hose, conductive hose, wear-resistant grade hose.

Wear-resistant grade hose, wine delivery hose is one of the necessary equipment for the winery, plasticizer-free wine delivery hose has become the necessary pipeline equipment wineries, the original market on the wine delivery hose are basically Plastic hose material, added a plasticizer, our company is environmentally friendly TPU material is accepted by the United States FDA prestige certification hospital recognized a special top polyether - polyurethane (E-PUR) material, can Long-term use, and finished handling food safety topics, and at extremely low temperatures can maintain excellent flexibility, high strength and long service life.
Wear-resistant grade hose, wine delivery hose and oil-specific grade hose have passed the most stringent GB9684-2011 plasticizer-free certification and GB13115-91 food grade certification, food grade wine delivery hose is light, Soft, good elasticity, corrosion resistance, hydrolysis resistance, high transparency, non-toxic and tasteless, small tortuous radius, resistance to negative pressure can be good, in vacuum form to maintain the phase, is a non plasticizer food grade hose , Commonly used in the transmission of all kinds of food, beverage water hose, ultra-pure liquid transmission, white wine (Maotai, Luzhou, Youxiang, Mianyang, Fengxiang, Sesame, Scented, Fragrance) Alcoholic beverages such as red wine, wine, rice wine, beer, disinfectant, liquid supplement and transfer, food and beverage delivery, dairy products, etc. % Concentration of alcohol liquid pressure delivery and vacuum extraction.
Wear-resistant food-grade hose, wine delivery hose and wine delivery grade food grade hose used to lose wine when the oil does not analyze any flavor and taste; lubricating the inner wall of non-stick water; high temperature sterilization and autoclaving, high fever / Cold resistance, can be used for the general area of ​​-40 ~ 150 ℃.
Food grade hose

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