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Food grade hose

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Food grade plastic pipe, food grade plastic hose is 100% imported PU as raw mate

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Food grade hose, food grade plastic hose is 100% imported PU as raw material, high temperature extrusion molding, with high temperature resistant low temperature, non-toxic odor, tear green, in line with FDA / ROHS / SGS / LFGB And other certification, with food grade transparent plastic pipe plastic tube [plasticizer-free food grade hose] is widely used in medical equipment, connecting pipes, catheters, etc .; baby bottles straw, catheters; electrical equipment such as casing, profile; food Class control products; food machinery with the connection pipe; drinking fountains, coffee pots, children Suction cup with connecting pipe, catheter and so on.

Food Grade Plastic Pipe Food Grade Plastic Hose Specification: Diameter: 25--100mm Wall Thickness: 3.5--5mm Length: 50m Structure: Wall Material: Polyurethane Steel Wire: Galvanized Steel Wire, Stainless Steel Wire Hardness Range: 80A-90A Temperature range: -35-90 ℃, a short time to 120 ℃ (3 hours) Features: Smooth inner wall, with flexibility; excellent liquidity can be observed inside the tube flow of media; anti-microbial and hydrolysis; non-toxic and tasteless, in line with food Class standards, high wear resistance, pressure performance. Uses: high-flow solids such as grains, pellets and chips; gaseous and liquid media, industrial sewage, oil transportation; food and pharmaceutical industries; food and beverage delivery, such as wine, beverages, drinking water, fruit juices, jams and so on. The company is located in:
Food-grade plastic pipe, food-grade plastic hose with pressure, tensile, acid, corrosion resistance, good looks, soft and light, durable features, widely used in demanding pharmaceuticals, biomedicine, cosmetics and Application of food. Internal 304 stainless steel wire increases the pressure capacity. In -30 ℃ ~ 120 ℃ range of air, water, oil and other liquids (milk, beverages, shochu, beer, jams, etc.), good gas pipeline. To meet your diverse needs in different work environments. With food-grade transparent plastic pipe plastic tube [plasticizer-free food grade hose] Stainless steel wire inside to increase the pressure capacity. Pressure capacity is 4 times that of non-reinforced hose of the same type. In line with FDA and ROHS standards. Has passed a large number of physical and chemical tests.
Food grade hose

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