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Food grade hose

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Food-grade hose, wine delivery hose, plasticizer-free wine delivery hose

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Plasticizer Free (Plasticizer) The Food Hose is the first choice for wineries for wine delivery and incorporates a revolutionary eco-friendly PUR material reinforced with helical stainless steel wire. Table wall completely slippery. Meet the EU 2002/72 / CE EU 1935/2004 / CE food grade model, can be used for food delivery. No phthalates or other plasticizers are added at all, and food, liquor (miso, scent, scent, espresso, miso, rice, phoenix, , And fragrant type, Laobaiganxiang, Sesame flavor, 豉 flavor, Fuyu fragrance) wine, wine, rice wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages with the protection, medicine, cosmetics, chemicals and other special industries, have European standard professional Certification, more environmentally friendly, more cost-effective quality hose. No plasticizer white waiter to send the hose to meet the US FDA food grade model. The food hose is non-toxic, tasteless and does not alter the sensory quality of the material being delivered. Resistant to hydrolysis, mold and other microorganisms. Although the wall is thick, it is still very soft and light. Mineral oil-resistant, resistant to most chemicals, ozone-resistant, with excellent weatherability and anti-aging properties, can be used in the food processing industry for greasy food delivery, wine, vinegar, and alcohol in whiteness of less than 50% Waiter sent.

Food Hose

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