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Food grade hose

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Food grade hose

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Platinum Silicone Silicone Steel Hose FP31

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Detailed introduction

 Dongguan Greite Silicone Products Co., Ltd.
Platinum Silicone Silicone Steel Hose FP31
Platinum vulcanization silicone wire hose FP31

Note: 1. The standard production length of 6 meters (special can be customized 10 meters), can do short cut. Other diameter requirements can be customized according to customer requirements.
2. In our parameter table test is in accordance with normal temperature and standard atmospheric conditions. When the pressure is constant, the temperature rise of 100 degrees each, the pressure will drop 15%.
1, Standard length is 6 meters and we can customize the hose length according to customers' needs.
2, The test in the parameter list is in accordance with the normal temperature and the standard atmospheric pressure state.
When the pressure is constant, the temperature rise by 100 degrees, the pressure will drop by 15%.
It is especially recommended for transporting or transporting liquid or semi-liquid fluids for high and low temperature food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and for bioengineering.
(Such as sucking food dairy products; food machinery and equipment connection pipe; wine with the connection catheter; oil equipment suction connection pipe, medical equipment connecting pipelines, catheters, etc.)
product structure:
Braiding: four layers of cloth mesh weaving
Steel wire: single-layer 304 stainless steel wire, spacing 10MM

Product Features:
- Operating temperature range '-60ºC / + 180ºC (-76ºF / + 356ºF) Up to 220ºC (392ºF)
- Has excellent flexibility, smooth and clean the inner wall, easy to clean non-stick water, clean with no residue after cleaning, high temperature and pressure steam sterilization and sterilization.
- Odorless, tasteless, completely non-toxic, free of plasticizer and additive ingredients. Full compliance with FDA and Biomedical USP requirements.
- Products after high temperature 180 ° C * 4 hours of high temperature curing, regardless of any decomposition products generated, the negative pressure is strong, the specific reference data sheet.
Supporting connector:
TC connector (through the quick connector 316L), SMS connector, DIN quick access, CLAMP, CLOCK, J-threaded connector, and other materials for the 304 or 316L any customer choice.
Quality certification:
- Platinum Silicone Hoses are FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 (Food and Drug Administration) food grade certified.
- Platinum silicone hose through the German FDA / BfR parts XV standard certification and LFBG and BGVV standard certification.
- Platinum Silicone Hose complies with US Medical Class VI certification.
- Platinum silicone tubing is RoHS approved according to EU Directive 2008/95 / ECC.
Product application:
Widely used for transportation or delivery of low temperature food, cosmetics, chemical materials or the fluid or semi liquid fluid of pharmaceutical industry and biological engineering.
(such as the suction of food or dairy products; the connection hoses used on food machinery
liquor equipment; oil production equipment and medical equipment, etc.)

Product structure:
Weaving: 4 layers of cloth woven mesh
Steel wire: single layer of 304 stainless steel wire, the spacing is 10mm

Product characteristics:
-The working temperature range: -60 to +180 degrees Celsius (or -76 to +356 degrees Fahrenheit) and it can reach 220 degrees Celsius (or 392 degree Fahrenheit) in a short period of time
-With a good bend, the inner wall is smooth and clean, easy to be washed, no water sticking,
After cleaned by cleaning materials, no residue remained. The steam disinfection and sterilization can be done under high temperature and high pressure.
-Odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, does not contain any additives and plasticizer. Fully comply with the requirements of food FDA and biological medical grade USP.
-Product will not produce any decomposition after high temperature of 180 degrees Celsius * 4 hours of high temperature Vulcanization with strong bearing capacity of negative and positive pressure.
Supporting connectors:
TC connector (straight quick connector 316L), SMS connector, DIN quick connect, CLAMP, CLOCK, J threading connectors, etc. The material is stainless steel 304 or 316L.

Quality certification:
-Platinum silicone hose passes the United States FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 (food and Drug Administration) food grade certification.
-Platinum silicone hose passes the German FDA / BFR parts XV standard certification and LFBG and BGVV standard certification.
-Platinum silicone hose in accordance with the United States Class VI USP grade standard certification.
-Platinum silicone hose has passed the certificate of limited usage of hazardous substances (RoHS) in accordance with the EU directive 2008/95 / ECC

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