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Food grade hose

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Food grade hose

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Platinum silicone hose FP40

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Detailed introduction

Platinum silicone hose FP40


Note: 1. Test conditions are: normal temperature and pressure test (room temperature is 20 degrees), after rigorous testing temperature is increased by 100 degrees, the pressure will be reduced by 15%
2. The standard length of 6 meters, if there are special requirements can be customized 10 meters. Can inquire order.
Hose smooth inner and outer walls, is conducive to hose cleaning and disinfection and sterilization, this applies only to the general pressure transmission, can be used for milk, beverages and pure water transport,
Not recommended for pumping liquids and suction pumps.

product description:
Platinum vulcanized silicone hose FP40 series of platinum vulcanized silicone and four reinforced polyester fabric structure,
The standard length is 6 meters and the longest is 10 meters. At the same time, we can also produce the required size and length according to the requirements of our customers. The hose products have passed FDA grade, USP Class VI and German BFR certification.

Product Features:
FP40 series silicone hose
- Operating temperature range '-60ºC / + 180ºC (-76ºF / + 356ºF) Up to 220ºC (392ºF)
- The inner wall is smooth and clean, easy to clean and non-sticky. No residues are attached after cleaning. It can be sterilized by high-temperature and high-pressure steam.
- Odorless, tasteless, completely non-toxic, free of plasticizer and additive ingredients. Full compliance with FDA and Biomedical USP requirements.
- These tubes are usually milky white. We can also customize the color according to customer needs.

Quality certification:
- Can meet FDA, BfR, USP, ISO10993, NSF51, food grade medical grade requirements.


1 test conditions: tested under constant temperature and atmospheric pressure state (room temperature is 20 degrees)
2 after a strict test, when the temperature is going up by every 100 degrees Celsius, the pressure will be reduced by 15%

Product application:
The hose has very smooth wall inside and outside, which is good for cleaning and sterilization. It is only applicable to ordinary pressure transmission,
and can be used for deliverying milk, beverages, as well as purified water with no recommendation for liquid suction and suction pump.

Product description:
-The hose is made by the platinum vulcanized silicone and 4 layers reinforced polyester fabric structure.
-Standard length is 6 meters or speially 10 meters. At the same time, we can customize the hose length according to customers' needs. Our hose products has passed the United States FDA grade and Class VI USP and German BFR certification.

Product characteristics:
-The working temperature range of -60 to +180 degree Celsius (-76 to +356 degrees Fahrenheit) and reach reach 220 degrees Celsius (392 degrees Fahrenheit) in a short period of time.
-the inner wall is smooth and clean, easy to be washed, no water sticking,
After cleaned by cleaning materials, no residue remained. The steam disinfection and sterilization can be done under high temperature and high pressure.
-Odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, does not contain any additives and plasticizer. Fully comply with the requirements of food FDA and biological medical grade VI USP.
-these hoses are usually milky white color. The color of hose can be can customized according to customer's needs.

Quality certification:
-meet the requirements of FDA, BFR, USP, ISO 10993, NSF51 and medical grade. 

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