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Hose connector

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Pharmaceutical-grade hose SMS quick connector

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  • Release date:2017-12-05
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Detailed introduction


Material: 316L stainless steel processing.

Meet the requirements: Products meet the 3A standard. Meet the sanitary standards


Manufacturers supply KZF stainless steel hydraulic valve opening and closing thickened acid-base quick-release quick connector

1, the type of fluid, temperature (please select the type of fluid, the temperature of the body material and sealing material quick connector)

According to the fluid, suitable body material, the sealing material is different. For example, the quick connector is air. Recommended steel, the water is selected brass or stainless steel.

2, the pressure of the liquid (please select the pressure for the fluid pressure performance quick connector)

The pressure of the fluid is also the key to choosing a quick connector. The quick coupling for hydraulic pressure is serialized between 5.0 MPa (51 kgf / cm2) and -68.6 MPa (700 kgf / cm2), and the construction of the quick coupler is also different corresponding to the pressure resistance characteristics.

3, the structure of the automatic switch valve (please select the pipe fittings for the rapid construction of the connector)

For the valve structure, there are two switches, one-way switch and two open. As in the separation in addition to two-way switch, there is fluid out of the pipe. So please note.

4, the use of quick connector environment (please select the appropriate structure for the use of the environment, the material quick connector)

Combine the humidity conditions of use environment, the condition of dust, and the use environment such as easy corrosion, to consider the type of quick connector selected, body material, sealing material.

5, confirm the choice of quick connector connection thread to be consistent

In the use of different brand products in the process, it is best to use the same brand of Yin and Yang head, if you must cross-use, it is best to consult the product before using the supplier's technical staff to confirm the good before using.

6, the shape of the installation, size (please determine the final shape, size, order products)

Make sure the type and material of the quick connector and specify the shape and size of the fitting that corresponds to the piping characteristics. Please note that the size is related to the fluid flow.


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