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Pharmaceutical grade hose

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Development trend and direction of food grade silicone tube industry

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  • Release date:2017-12-05
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Detailed introduction

Describe "food grade silicone tube industry trends and direction" is what. Since the development of the food grade hose industry, more than 700 production enterprises have been developed and more than 140 have a certain scale of production, which are distributed in all provinces, cities and autonomous regions except Tibet. Pharmaceutical-grade hose products are increasingly complete, basically have to meet the needs of our country's various industries on the steam hose.

Food grade silicone tube production technology and equipment system through its own research and development as well as imported from abroad, the level is constantly improving. Product performance and quality to meet international standards, national and unemployed standards, the basic requirements to meet a variety of applications. Production is increasing year by year, some products have entered the international market, the export growth trend year by year. China has become a food-grade silicone tube production country. On the whole, although there are still some gaps compared with developed countries in some aspects, China's food-grade silicone tube has reached a world-class level.

According to the statistics of National Bureau of Statistics of China, since the entry into the 21st century, the output of food-grade silicone tubes in our country has been continuously increasing. Based on the output of 110 food-grade silicone tube manufacturers, the actual output of the national food-grade silicone tubes is 1 million About 40 meters above the standard, accounting for 35% of the total. The above covers only the major manufacturers of food-grade silicone tube enterprises in the country. There are still a large number of small-scale enterprises and some medium-sized enterprises are not included. 

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