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Food grade hose

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Pharmaceutical grade hose

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Lined with fluorosilicone steel wire hose FS30

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Detailed introduction

 Dongguan Greite Silicone Products Co., Ltd.

Tellon lined silicone wire hose FS30

Teflon hose

1, Standard length is 6 meters or especially 10 meters and we can customize the hose length according to customers' needs.
2, The test in the parameter list is in accordance with the normal temperature and the standard atmospheric pressure state.
When the pressure is constant, the temperature rise by 100 degrees, the pressure will drop by 15%.

Product application:
Specially recommended for oil resistant properties, in compliance with the requirements of food grade.
Widely used in the industry of cosmetics, edible oil and automobiles with good aging resistance, good corrosion resistance,
good mechanical and physical properties and good tensile properties.

Product structure:
inner layer: fluorine rubber layer (usually milky white or white or black)
Weaving:4 layers of cloth woven mesh
Steel wire: single layer of 304 stainless steel wire, the spacing is 5mm or without wire added.

Product characteristics:
-The working temperature range: -60 to +180 degrees Celsius (or -76 to +356 degrees Fahrenheit) and it can reach 220 degrees Celsius (or 392 degree Fahrenheit) in a short period of time
-excellent aging resistance and corrosion resistance. Very good mechanical and phisical performance.Excellent tensile resistance.

Quality certification:
-silicone hose passes the United States FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 (food and Drug Administration) food grade certification.


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