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Food grade hose

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Pharmaceutical grade hose

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Food Grade Braided Silicone Hose BD40

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Detailed introduction

 Dongguan Greite Silicone Products Co., Ltd.

Food grade reinforced braided silicone hose BD40
Food grade hose
Product application:
the hose is suitable for sucking or deliverying all kinds of fluid food, such as milk, vegetable oil, cola,
fruit juice, grease, etc,and used for food processing equipment and canning equipment.It can be used as the pipeline
when the transportation temperature of the tank truck is going up to 150 degrees Celsius with good pressure resistance.

Product description:
-Silicone hoses adopt silicone reinforced kevlar line and platinum silicone structure. The product pressure will be 3 times more than the one of BP20 series. Widely used in liquid and semi fluid of food industry, medicine and cosmetic industry and bio engineering.
-Standard length is 20 meters per roll, at the same time, we can customize the hose length according to customers' needs. Our hose products has passed the United States FDA grade and Class VI USP and German BFR certification.

Product characteristics:
-The working temperature range of -60 to +180 degree Celsius (-76ºF / +356ºF) and can reach +280 degrees Celsius (392ºF) in a short period of time.
-With a good bend, the inner wall is smooth and clean, easy to be washed, no water sticking,
After cleaned by cleaning materials, no residue remained. The steam disinfection and sterilization can be done under high temperature and high pressure.
-Odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, does not contain any additives and plasticizer. Fully comply with the requirements of food FDA and biological medical grade VI USP.
-these hoses are usually translucent and the layer outside is milky white color. The color of hose can be can customized according to customer's needs.

Quality certification:
-Platinum silicone hose passes the United States FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 (food and Drug Administration) food grade certification.
-Platinum silicone hose passes the German FDA/BfR parts XV standard certification and LFBG and BGVV standard certification.
-Platinum silicone hose in accordance with the United States Class VI USP grade standard certification.
-Platinum silicone tube has passed the certificate of limitation usage of hazardous substances (RoHS) in accordance with the EU directive 2008/95/ECC


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